TREB Social Media Channel Policy


TREB’s social media channels strive to provide TREB members and the public with an online network where they can have access to up to date and valuable information about the GTA real estate market and TREB activities, thereby expanding the dialogue about matters important to the GTA real estate environment beyond the borders of membership.

We encourage the users of this social media channel to use the information published on this channel for dissemination within their own social media networks, provided they do so in accordance with these guidelines and all other applicable guidelines, policies and laws.

If you are an employee or Member of TREB you are required to comply with your obligations under all applicable TREB By-laws, policies, and agreements when using this social media channel, including TREB’s Social Media Policy & Guidelines for Employees and Members on Use of TREB Sponsored Social Media Networks.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of your obligations as a TREB Member set out in the Code of Conduct under the TREB By-Law, TREB’s Social Media Policy as well as the social media policy outlined on this channel.

Principle 3 in the Code of Conduct states that “Members shall not publicly discredit, disparage or make a derogatory comment about another Member, TREB or TREB’s employees, officers, Directors or suppliers, including, without limitation, their capacity, integrity or competence.”  Furthermore, this channel’s policy states that all users must “[r]efrain, at all times, from using personal insults, engaging in personal attacks, or posting comments or content that may be considered unprofessional, threatening, defamatory, discriminatory or offensive.”

Failure by Members to adhere to either of the TREB Code of Conduct, TREB Social Media Policy or the social media policy on this channel may result in the removal of your access privileges to this social media platform or possibly a professional standards complaint. If you would not say or write something down in a public setting, then please don’t post it online.

All users of this social media channel (including TREB employees and Members) by submitting comments or content to or otherwise participating on this social media channel agree to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Be fair
  • Be truthful in all statements made and ensure all comments thoughtful and accurate.
  • Try to add value to public discourse relevant to TREB and its various stakeholders.
  • Acknowledge and correct mistakes promptly when we do not.
  • Stay on topic.
  • Be open to contrary opinions, and disagree respectfully.
  • Refrain, at all times, from using personal insults, engaging in personal attacks, or posting comments or content that may be considered unprofessional, threatening, defamatory, discriminatory or offensive.
  • Avoid unnecessary and unproductive arguments and do not engage in hostile, off-topic rants that distract from thoughtful public discourse.
  • Act in good faith at all times, be transparent, and disclose conflicts of interest.
  • Don’t infringe the copyrights or trademarks of others.
  • Give credit where credit is due. Where content is not your own, provide a link to, or, if possible, identify the and credit the appropriate source.
  • Refrain from posting personal, confidential or ‘insider’ information. Ask permission before posting pictures of others.
  • Don’t post self-promoting material or make “sales-pitches”. This social media channel is not for advertising personal services.
  • While discussing, advocating, or debating policy issues affecting the GTA real estate market and/or TREB activities as permitted, this channel is non-partisan and cannot to be used as a forum to conduct petitions, engage in political campaigning (whether on your own behalf or on behalf of another and whether related to TREB or otherwise), or endorse, promote or disparage any political party or candidate.

You agree that all comments or content posted or submitted for posting by you on this channel is solely your responsibility and TREB shall bear no liability whatsoever for your posts. You acknowledge that TREB reserves the right to remove any comments or content, in its sole discretion.

You acknowledge that any TREB content posted on this social media channel is protected by copyright and further acknowledge that all rights, title and interest in and to any TREB content, including all copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights therein, are and will continue to be the exclusive property of TREB and its licensors, if applicable.

Finally, please be aware that TREB may request that you temporarily suspend your use of this channel if it believes this is necessary or advisable to ensure compliance with legal requirements or TREB’s policies, agreements and/or best practices.

TREB may suspend or revoke your privileges to use or participate in all or a portion of this channel and/or take any other appropriate measures to enforce TREB policies and agreements if a violation occurs or is brought to TREB’s attention.

All comments, complaints and enquiries should be directed to

TREB reserves the right to change, at any time, in its sole discretion, any of the forgoing terms and your continued use of this social media channel represents your acceptance of those terms.