By Toronto Real Estate Board

Torontonians want nothing more than to own a home in the City that they love. However, City Hall wants to put up another obstacle to home ownership by hiking the Land Transfer Tax. These proposed changes could add thousands of dollars in upfront tax for some home buyers.

As a result the Toronto Real Estate Board has launched #AnotherObstacle, a campaign to help stop the proposed changes to the LTT in Toronto. Members of the public can visit and take action against this unfair tax by sending a message to their councillors or sending a tweet.

See the infographic below to learn what the proposed changes could mean for home buyers:

Brick Wall LTT-infographic-final

One thought on “INFOGRAPH: Stop the Toronto LTT Hike

  1. We are being taxed excessively to cover government’s overspending with no regard for the general public. Money is wasted constantly, then we are taxed to cover up these “errors” and “Omissions”.

    Additional LLT will only help to increase poverty as Governments continue to push the lower income potential home owners out of the market, and encouraging more foreign investors to take control.

    Additional LLT is not the answer to solve these problems.

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