By Mark McLean, TREB President

Today’s homebuyers’ wants extend beyond shiny faucets and fixtures. Most young homebuyers have never known a world without technology. So it only makes sense that they would want to integrate technology into their homes. If you’re planning to sell your home, here are some gadgets you might want to consider incorporating. This will not only bring your home into the modern age, but it is also likely to pique the interest of modern homebuyers.

Climate Control

In the spirit of saving money, many of us lower the thermostat in the winter before we leave the house for the day. However, when you return, the house is generally an igloo, and takes time to warm up again. Solution: Climate control from your smartphone or a smart thermostat. Both of these options allow for you to program your heat and air conditioner to automatically turn up/down, just in time for you to come home. Most systems will recognize your habits, learn your preferences and then program itself.

Lights and Security

Have you ever left the house and forgot a light on? Or even worse, that you didn’t lock the door? Solution: lights you can shut off and doors you can lock right from your smartphone. There is much available in this category in terms of technology you can purchase.

Energy Efficiency

There are many ways to significantly reduce the costs in which you pay to keep your home running.

Solution: Home appliances are energy hungry, but there are options to be more efficient. Energy efficiency is very important to young homebuyers because not only are they money conscious, but also they are environmentally conscious. Energy efficient appliances such as washers, dryers, stoves, ovens and even hot water tanks help conserve natural resources and your money.

While energy efficient appliances, security systems and smart thermostats rank high on the list, there are many options to consider.

Other opportunities that can make your home more appealing to modern homebuyers include, open floor plans, easy to maintain hard surface flooring, radiant heat flooring and driveways, home offices, ample storage and state of the art media rooms.

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