By Mark McLean, TREB President

Spring is commonly known as the busy season in the Greater Toronto Area resale- housing market. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean other seasons are an inopportune time to sell. Each season has its perks and the decision mostly depends on what motivates you and your family. Real Estate is a year round business, and each season, though they may differ, brings about new opportunities. See which season suits your objective:


Many families are motivated to sell during the spring so that their move coincides with the end of a school year. While others are simply motivated by spring’s promise of a fresh start. Properties can show well at this time of year and home owners are able to extend their fix-ups to the outdoors.


School’s out for summer and more helping hands can lighten the load. Also vacation days and long weekends are easier to come by, which can mean more time to coordinate your move. When it comes to the market, activity during the summer months has been comparable to the spring sales in recent years. So be sure you’re able to make quick decisions or risk missing out.


If you decide to avoid the spring and summer real estate market, you have a great option of autumn. For buyers, this could mean increased listing inventory, and more time to make your selection. For sellers, the colourful landscape of fall will create a beautiful backdrop for your listing. This time of year can be just the right amount of curb appeal you need to catch the eye of any serious buyers.


As the winter months approach, market activity can moderate. However, this can be good news for buyers. Due to moderate activity, buyers may have an opportunity to achieve an attractive purchase price from motivated sellers. For sellers there is also a bright spot. Fruitless showings are not the norm, as potential buyers who are looking at this time of the year tend to be serious about purchasing a property.

Regardless of the time of year that you decide to buy or sell, consulting a REALTOR® is key to a successful transaction. In addition to offering professional advice, your REALTOR® will help you determine an appropriate plan to achieve a brisk and successful transaction.

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